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Transfer & Woodruff Students

Welcome Transfer and Woodruff Students!

We are so excited you have chosen to become Scotties! This is an exciting and busy time in your life and we hope to give you the best opportunity for success. Whether you are joining us from another institution or returning to school, we want to provide you with relevant information that will assist in your college experience.

You will participate in Agnes Scott’s Legacy: New Student Orientation experience which will give you the opportunity to develop as leaders and meet fellow Scotties. A special meeting for transfer and Woodruff students during your first small group meeting will share vital information about college services, and Agnes Scott’s most entertaining and valued traditions. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Transfer Legacy: New Student Orientation Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

There are over 60 student run organizations advancing academic, cultural, athletic, political, social, religious, and service objectives. They expand your leadership skills and promote an understanding of self, others, and the world.
Agnes Scott has many computers for use. There are computer labs for use in the residence halls, the McCain Library, and the Alston student center.
Any Agnes Scott student may have a vehicle on campus. Each vehicle must be registered with the Department of Public Safety and an annual registration fee is required.
Agnes Scott has work study and student hourly positions every year. To see if you qualify for work-study, you must complete your FAFSA. To apply for jobs on campus, log in to Handshake.
Agnes Scott is a small, liberal arts college. The average class size is 15, and no class has more than 30 students.
Agnes Scott College does not have any classes taught by graduate teaching assistants. This allows you to create a more personal relationship with your professors.
Agnes Scott College is an NCAA Division 3 school. We offer cross country, basketball, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball. We also have intramural activities that allow you to show off your athletic prowess. We invite all students to cheer on their fellow Scotties.
The professors at Agnes Scott are open and approachable. Many of them will often get to know their students both in and outside of the classroom. You will be invited to attend their office hours and continue the discussion outside of class.

Pay Orientation Fee

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