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Leadership Development

Within Agnes Scott’s mission of educating students to think deeply, live honorably and engage the social and intellectual challenges of our times, students exercise leadership through both participating in leadership opportunities on campus and/or developing leadership skills through curricular opportunities offered by the college.

Agnes Scott College believes that everyone has innate characteristics that can be identified and developed into meaningful leadership qualities. As an Agnes Scott student, you are encouraged to critically examine the world and systems around them, empowering you to act with moral courage and be effective change agents in our global society. Your leadership journey will have three experiences: Legacy, Leadership Prologue, and SCALE.

As a first-year student, you will take part in the three-day Legacy program that introduces you to the strengths--and the vulnerabilities--that help you understand how to work with your peers. You will continue your exploration of ideas about leadership and about your own strengths and perspectives in a four-credit fall course, Leadership Prologue, where you begin to identify, think through, and articulate solutions to social issues, by yourself and as part of a team.

Building on top of the foundation set by Legacy and Leadership Prologue, you will take part during your second-year Peak Week in SCALE (Sophomore Class Atlanta Leadership Experience). During the one-credit SCALE course, you will partner with a local organization for an immersive leadership experience relevant to your academic, personal, and professional interests. For example, student teams can support Atlanta Birth Center’s maternal health efforts or promote biodiversity conservation at Zoo Atlanta, in addition to many other organizations.

Leadership Specialization

Students also have the opportunity to go beyond the above-required classes and earn a Leadership Specialization. The SUMMIT specialization in Leadership Development increases the leadership skills honed in your first and second year with additional experiential learning and coursework in Leadership Studies.

Learn more about the Leadership Specialization.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

In addition to the leadership courses, you will be able to practically apply your leadership learning in a range of programs supported by the Center for Leadership and Service. In these intentionally designed activities, students explore their values, strengths, and self to develop an authentic leadership style for each student.

Discover co-curricular opportunities.

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