Leadership Opportunities

Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Leadership: the practice of effectively mobilizing people to engage challenges

The Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) creates and sustains a vibrant campus experience for students that fosters personal and intellectual growth inside and outside of the classroom. CLS empowers students to become positive change agents in their community by promoting personal leadership development, active engagement and global citizenship.

Now more than ever, we embrace our charge to create opportunities and spaces for students to effect positive change and to develop, hone and realize their abilities to lead effectively. Each of our programs provides an opportunity for you to apply the skills and knowledge you will learn in your SUMMIT courses in practical ways, helping each student become a leader in a global society. Whether you're looking to volunteer with a local organization, exercise your civic engagement, enhance your leadership abilities, clarify your interests and passions, or learn about global issues, the Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership and Service has a program or resource to help you in engage in the intellectual and social challenges of our times.

Leadership Development

What Does Leadership Mean at Agnes Scott College?

Within ASC’s mission of educating students to think deeply, live honorably and engage the social and intellectual challenges of our times, students exercise leadership through processes of reflecting on individual strengths, identity, and power; analyzing evidence, perspectives, and systems; and acting authentically, boldly, and ethically.

Leadership begins with a strong sense of self, and the programs supported by the Center for Leadership and Service are intentionally designed to help Scotties explore their values, strengths, and salient identities to develop an authentic leadership style for each student.

Students are encouraged to critically examine the world and systems around them, empowering them to act with moral courage and be effective change agents in our global society.

Developing oneself as a leader is an iterative process, and regardless of where you are in your own leadership development, CLS has a program to help you further develop your skills and abilities as you explore and clarify your authentic leadership style.

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