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Global Learning

“Global” at Agnes Scott College means much more than just “study abroad.”

Global learning is one of the core tenets of SUMMIT. Starting with your first-year Global Journey, you’ll be encouraged to explore and engage with the world, from the more immediate surroundings of the Atlanta metropolitan region to cities and regions on other continents.

You’ll be more than a tourist; you’ll build cultural competencies that will serve you in work and in life.

You’ll examine and analyze global challenges. Then over time, you’ll apply your knowledge and skills to help create global solutions.

Combine SUMMIT’s core curriculum and our many additional offerings to create a global learning experience tailored to your interests and goals.

Global Journeys (GBL102)

This first-year, second-semester course will examine four common topics: globalization, identity and culture; imperialism, and the ethics of travel. Each section will focus on a different part of the world, its unique issues, and how these four themes apply. During Peak Week, you’ll travel to your destination on an eight-day, faculty-led immersion experience.

Recent Global Journey destinations and topics include:

  • France - Fashion, Ethics, and Capitalism
  • Ghana - Women and Leadership in Ghanaian Society
  • Morocco - Cross-Cultural Mediterranean
  • Navajo Nation - Music, Arts, Community
  • New Orleans
  • New York City - The Global City
  • Northern Ireland - The Trouble With Peace
  • Peru - Coffee, Culture and Community

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Global Learning Specialization

Interested in advanced global studies work? SUMMIT offers you to go the extra mile with our global learning specialization. You’ll complete a Global Learning seminar (GBL 201) and additional coursework, including advanced non-English language classes. To earn the specialization, you’ll also need an additional global experience — study abroad, a global internship, or global research.

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Co-Curricular Opportunities

Global citizenship is central to Agnes Scott’s mission. As a result, events and activities both on and off campus offer many chances to engage the wider world. From speaker series, to multicultural student groups, to volunteer opportunities, you’re sure to find co-curricular programming that is interesting — and fun!

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Study Abroad

We said global learning was much more than study abroad and we meant it. But that doesn't mean study abroad can’t be an enriching and important piece of it. Take one of our faculty-led Global Study tours — like a supersized Global Journey! Or, choose from our independent and affiliated study abroad programs in dozens of countries across six continents. (Scotties haven’t studied abroad in Antarctica… yet.)

Study Abroad

Center for Global Learning

Philip Ojo

Kathy ‘68 and Lawrence Ashe Professor of French

Philip Ojo

“Ultimately, we want our students to become global citizens, ready for the world.”

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