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Global Journeys

Get your passport and suitcase ready, because every first-year student at Agnes Scott goes on a global journey.

Global Journeys is a second-semester, first-year course taught by professors from a wide range of departments.

Each section of the course will focus on a specific location and topic. During Peak Week — the week before spring break — your section will travel together on a faculty-led trip to your destination.

Students learn about coffee production in Peru.

Students learn about coffee production in Peru.

You might study Milan and how the fashion industry has shaped the city. What is the relationship between fashion and globalization, art, and capitalism?

Or you might study Ghana, and the role of women and leadership in its society. How has gender equity evolved in the country? What challenges do women still face?

You might also visit destinations in the United States with unique global ties, like New York City, New Orleans or the Navajo Nation. How have global connections impacted these places?

While the locations and topics vary, each section will cover four themes:

  • Globalization and its consequences
  • The concepts of identity, self and ‘the other’
  • Imperialism, colonialism and diaspora
  • The ethics of travel

When you visit your destination, you’ll be so much more than a tourist. You’ll watch films, read materials, meet people and participate in activities to gain a much deeper cultural understanding.

Students pose for group photo in a snowy landscape in Iceland.

Students traveled to Iceland to learn about energy, economics and gender equity.

Kirsten Jackson '19

“My global journey to the Dominican Republic pushed me outside my comfort zone and gave me a new perspective about life. This trip made me the person I am now.”

Next Stop...

Preparation for Global Journeys is Underway

Students in Ghana on a rope bridge
Global Journeys destinations for the upcoming first-year class have been announced and preparations are underway! Tuscany, Paris, Alaska - oh the places you will go!

See Where Global Journeys Will Take Students Next

Global Journey Facts

of First-Years take a Global Journey course
The number of destinations visited by 2019 Global Journeys sections
of Global Journey travel costs are funded

Featured Journeys

Over 300 first-year Scotties traveled to 16 destinations in 2019. These are just a few of the life-changing experiences they had.

Students pose for group photo in the snow in Iceland.


Students visited geysers, glaciers and a geothermal power plant. They learned about the country’s role as a leader in both gender equity and clean energy.

Students learn about local foods in Peru.


Students visited a coffee processing plant, learned about quality control and helped local farmers with coffee production by hand.

A group of students pose for a photo on a rock formation in the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation

Students learned how music and the arts impact the Navajo community, helped on a working ranch and were introduced to the Navajo language and its importance.

A group of people look at the New York City skyline.

New York City

Students visited places such as Ellis Island, Chinatown, Harlem, Little Italy, the Tenement Museum and the United Nations to see this global city in action.

A group of students pose with the Jamaican flag.


Students shadowed sugar cane workers in the field, attended cooking lessons and toured a cave system that historically served as an escaped slave refuge.

A group of students post for a photo on a rope bridge.


Students explored Ghana's slave castles, visited the W.E.B Du Bois Centre for Pan-African Culture and learned about West Africa's relationship to the African Diaspora.

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