Upcoming Global Journeys

For Scotties, the globe extends from our seat in the classroom to as far as a plane, train, or our own feet can take us!

During your four years, you'll engage in global learning through courses, co-curricular activities and study abroad experiences. But it doesn't stop there. Scotties have a long tradition of continuing their global engagement through studying, working and living abroad. And it all begins with your first-year Global Journeys.

Global Journeys 2023:

All Global Journey program information is available now! Visit Carta for more information. 

  • (Post)Colonial Legacies (planned destination: Martinique) - Dr. Phillip Ojo
  • Cultural Identity Before & After Colonization (planned destination: Belize) - Dr. James Stamant
  • Decolonizing Conservation (planned destination: Alaska, U.S.) - Dr. Jennifer Kovacs
  • Environment and Sustainability (planned destination: Croatia) - Dr. Srebrenka Robic
  • Germany in a Globalized World (planned destination: Germany) - Dr. Barbara Drescher 
  • How Race, Nature and Medicine Intersect (planned destination: Cuba) - Carmen Carrion
  • Identity, Globalization and Social Change (planned destination: Bulgaria) - Dr. Mina Ivanova
  • Islamic Art and Architecture (planned destination: Morocco) - Dr. Roshan Iqbal
  • Italian Fashion, Industry and Image (planned destination: Milan) - Dr. Willie Tolliver
  • Mesoamerican Maritime Culture in a Global Context (planned destination: Belize) - Dr. Lock Rogers
  • Music, Arts and Community (planned destination: Navajo Nation, Ariz.) - Dr. Tracey Laird
  • Power and Symbol (planned destination: New York City, N.Y.) - Professor Nell Ruby
  • Pura Vida - Enjoyment of Life (planned destination: Costa Rica) - Dr. Atieno Mboya Samandari
  • What Does it Mean to Be Modern? (planned destination: Paris) - Dr. Becky Bivens

“I learned so many amazing things from my Journeys week. This experience has opened my eyes to so many interesting ideas and made me realize how truly beautiful and unique people can be.”

Hannah Savage ’24
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