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Center for Global Learning

Today we all encounter an exhilarating range of people, ideas, cultures and commodities. Your experiences during your years at Agnes Scott will prepare you to understand and navigate our increasingly connected world.

The Center for Global Learning is where global learning really takes flight — or boat, or foot, or bike! Through our programs, every Scottie gains an understanding of complex global dynamics.

Your experience begins in your first year with SUMMIT's core curriculum and spring semester Global Journeys. A rich array of international perspectives on campus will bolster your understanding and expand your thinking.

You can then pursue more in-depth global learning through:

The Center for Global Learning coordinates all of these learning opportunities. From short-term opportunities to an entire semester or year, Agnes Scott has a study abroad program to fit your academic and personal goals. 

We also provide services for international students.

For the last two years in a row, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Agnes Scott College as #1 for first-year experience. Global Journeys are a huge part of every Scottie's first year. 

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Global Journeys

Global Journeys is the foundation of our global learning curriculum. In 2019, for example, more than 300 first-year Scotties traveled to 16 destinations including Iceland, Jamaica, Peru, and Ghana. Interdisciplinary in nature and taught by professors from a wide range of majors, Global Journeys will introduce you to the global patterns and systems that shape people’s lives.

Our Online Magazine

Our online magazine captures the stories of students and faculty members who shape the global learning environment at Agnes Scott. Dive into these firsthand accounts and explore the rich experiences that global learning provides.

Get Started with Carta

Carta is where Scotties go to access the amazing study abroad opportunities at Agnes Scott! Information about study abroad programs and your applications to these programs all live inside Carta. You can stay up-to-date and organized as you apply for, prepare for and experience global learning at Agnes Scott!

By the Numbers

ASC exceeds the national average in providing access to study abroad for traditionally underrepresented groups. Participation in global learning plays a key role in social mobility and professional success. In the 2018-19 academic year:
The percentage of African American or Black Scotties who study abroad. The national average is 6%.
The percentage of Asian and Pacific Islander Scotties who study abroad. The national average is 9%.
The percentage of Hispanic and Latin American Scotties who study abroad. The national average is 11%.

By the Dates

Agnes Scott is a leader in global learning. Between 2018 and 2020, Agnes Scott received a series of prestigious national awards:
Agnes Scott receives 2018 Seal of Excellency for achieving goals as part of Generation Study Abroad
Agnes Scott receives the 2019 Heiskell Award for Scholars as Drivers of Innovation in the area of campus internationalization
Agnes Scott receives 2020 the Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award for Campus Internationalization for its first-year global learning program
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