Labanotation is a symbol-based language used to analyze, describe, and document movement.  For over 70 years, the Dance Notation Bureau has committed itself specifically to the preservation of dance.  Labanotation scores, in the form of manuscripts, preserve not only the choreographic work but vital directorial and production information as well. Labanotation scores contain exact movement information for each body part, in specific time, with description of energy and spatial orientation.  This highly descriptive and accurate document holds the key information about the style, nuance, dynamic quality and intent of a choreographer’s work that a video and/or written text couldn’t tell as honestly and purely.  
Each year students at Agnes Scott College have the opportunity to dance in stagings from Labanotation score which have included works by modern and ballet legends Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, Helen Tamiris, Clay Taliaferro, Marius Petipa, Ruth St. Denis, and Susan Hadley. These stagings have afforded the students a direct link to Dance History that they would not be able to experience without the use of Labanotation scores.

The following is a list of historical works the Dance Program has staged since 2002:
Title of Choreography Choreographer
Negro Spirituals Helen Tamiris
Commonplace Susan Hadley
Incense  Ruth St. Denis
Sweet in the Morning Leni Wylliams
Shakers Doris Humphrey
Falling off the Back Porch Clay Taliaferro
Rainbow Etude Donald McKayle
Lynchtown Charles Weidman 
Rooms Etude Lorry May
Brahms Waltzes Charles Weidman
Women’s Song Helen Tamiris
Water Study Doris Humphrey
Soaring Doris Humphrey and Ruth St. Denis
Various classical ballet variations Marius Petipa
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Brahms Waltzes