Current Courses


Art History & Theory                              

ART-150   ART HISTORY                                                                        

Sadler 11:30-12:45 MW

Introduction to the major paintings, sculptures and architectural monuments from the pyramids to postmodernism. Discussion of stylistic movements, the importance of viewing works in context and the broadening of the canon in the dialogue of non-Western and Western art. This one-semester course is a prerequisite for all upper-level courses in art history.


ART-160   VISUAL THINKING I                                                                 

Ruby 1-3:15 MW

Introduction to drawing and design. Students will explore issues of composition, color theory and creative development.  Experiments with a variety of drawing and design media will develop students’ visual skills and individual style.


ART-201   THE ART OF ANCIENT GREECE AND ROME                                    

Sadler, 11:30-12:45 TTh

Examination of the art and architecture of the classical world from the Bronze Age to the Fall of Rome. In Greece, we focus on the evolution of Greek temples, the quest for  naturalism in sculpture and the refinement of Black and Red figure pottery. In Rome, we consider the changes in scale, function and use of building materials, the political  landscape and the emphasis on portraiture and illusionistic wall painting.
Prerequisite: ART-150 or permission of the instructor


ART-242   PRINTMAKING PROCESSES I                                                    

Beidler 1-3:00 MW

Introduction to printmaking processes with a focus on image content and creative development. Printing processes may include monoprint, relief, intaglio, silkscreen, book arts and photographic processes in printmaking.

                             Prerequisite: ART-160


ART-342   PRINTMAKING PROCESSES II                                                     

Beidler, 1-3:00 MW

Advanced studies in printmaking.

          Prerequisite: ART-242

ART-241   PAINTING PROCESSES I                                                    

Emerson 5:10-7:10 MW

Introductory course in painting. We will combine basic painting techniques and experiments in color theory with exploration of conceptual approaches to painterly
media with an emphasis on personal expression and thematic discovery.

                             Prerequisite: ART-160

ART-341   PAINTING PROCESSES I1                                                 

Emerson 5:10-7:10 MW

Advanced studies in painting.

                             Prerequisite: ART-241

ART-242   DIGITAL PROCESSES                                                   

Ruby, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

Introduction to digitally based design using the Macintosh platform. We will use software standard to the creative industry as a tool to explore typography, Agnes Scott College Catalog 2014-2015 photography, illustration, and time-based imagery. Projects are conceptually based and focus on experimenting with direct hand work, digital effects and various modes of presentation. We will emphasis understanding reading and designing meaning and message in visual expression. Software includes Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, and Final Cut Xpress.
Prerequisite: ART-160

ART-260   THINKING THROUGH METHODS IN ART & ART HISTORY                                                

Sadler and Smith, TTh 2:00-5:00 PM

Focuses on development and application of skills relevant to studio art and art history. We practice analyzing works of art for their visual, iconographic and socio-historical
components, summarizing scholarly texts, and giving public presentations. Students will interact with all members of the Department of Art and Art History and the director
of the Dalton Gallery and also visit several individuals and institutions in greater Atlanta, thus gaining a breadth and depth in their understanding of intersecting and
complementary practices in areas of art and art history and the professional practices in these fields.

Prerequisite: ART-150 or ART-160