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Welcome to the Scottie Support Suite

The Scottie Support Suite at Agnes Scott College is a college-wide, peer tutoring initiative designed for Scottie success! We aim to:

  • improve Scottie’s performance in STEM, language and writing intensive courses
  • create a community of digitally agile and critical thinkers
  • prepare Scotties for success in the workforce through professional development support 

Peer-to-peer Tutoring

Agnes Scott’s tutoring model prioritizes peer-to-peer, collaborative interaction where Scotties teach other Scotties to leverage extracurricular skills and course content to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of our times.

Peer Tutoring

Center for Digital and Visual Literacy

Access digital tools and develop your technological skills at the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy. The CDVL helps students, faculty and staff learn new technologies and programs and integrate them into their work.

WC Online Schedule, Digital Proficiencies, My CDVL


Center for Writing and Speaking

Come and meet collectively with your presentation group, or individually with a tutor, as you prepare your essays, cover letters, resumes, or applications. If you are working on a speech and want to practice your delivery, our Presentation Center (G-17) has state-of-the-art projection equipment to help you make the most of what you have to say.

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Writing, Literature Reviews, Public Speaking, Presenting, Career Peers

Resource Center for Math and Science

Peer tutors work with students in a one-on-one, inclusive environment. Our learning assistants help students academically succeed by improving their understanding of both introductory and advanced concepts. 

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Course Workshops, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Psychology, Lab Reports

Departmental Tutors

Students can visit and receive one-on-one help from departmental tutors selected by Chinese, French, German, Economics or Psychology faculty. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Departmental Tutor 

Chinese, Economics, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin

Explore Other Resources

McCain Library

McCain Library brings together technology specialists and librarians in one facility to provide a range of services, such as access to collections, study space and research help, to support the academic mission of the college.

Book a Study Room, Borrow Course Materials or Equipment, Schedule a Research Help Appointment

Science Center for Women

SCW serves as a hub for mentored research and STEM community events. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where students of all backgrounds can thrive and contribute to the advancement of science.


Office of Internship and Career Development

Your professional development at Agnes Scott follows the same approach as your academic journey — an intentional path with key milestones and opportunities for growth, semester upon semester.

Career Preparation, Post-secondary School, Job Search Resources

Undergraduate Academic Advising & Accessible Education

The advising office is a single source of information for all aspects of the Agnes Scott academic program. We keep you informed of academic policies, procedures and curricular opportunities.


Board of Advisors

Throughout your collegiate journey, you'll have your own board of advisors to guide you. This team provides you with an integrated approach to advising, taking into account your academic, personal and career goals.

SUMMIT Peer Advisor, SUMMIT Advisor, Major Advisor

Graduate & Post-Bacc Advising

Graduate and Post-Bacc students access individualized academic, professional and career advising with a dedicated team to assist you throughout your program.

Graduate-level Advising, Professional Success Series

Hear From Our Community

Nusrat Sarwar '23

Working at the CDVL and specifically on our department website has helped me shape the career path I’d like to pursue post-grad. I have decided to pursue a Master’s degree in UX design, heavily inspired by the fact that I’ve been designing and building web pages according to our visions. I appreciate the support everyone has given me during my time here and thank the CDVL for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals.

Maggee Chang '22

My time working at the Center for Writing and Speaking taught me a lot about professionalism, especially with our joint venture with the Career Peers. I benefited from having the Career Peers in the office, and helpful staff trainings taught me about framing tutor experiences and effective communication. I also got a lot of exposure to faculty and other people, acquired experience training others, learned how to effectively give advice and developed, overall, increased self-awareness.

Samantha Canela ‘26

Introduction to Chemistry Student

The learning assistant was very helpful with questions I had about Introduction to Chemistry. This was my second time at the RCMS, and I believe it was helpful. I will be returning for more help in the future!

Scottie Student

My CDVL Tutor was fantastic!! She was able to help me work through a program that I was unfamiliar with, and she really helped me in terms of design. I wasn't that confident in using Adobe Products, but I feel much more capable. I'm planning on making another appointment with her in the future to continue working on the design of my project.

Scottie Student

My CWS tutor was extremely kind, welcoming, and easy to talk to. I especially appreciate that after most of my answers, she would highlight on or two things I said, tell me what she found insightful about them, and add some perspectives of her own to the conversation' that made me feel like she was really interesting and invested in the conversation, which made me feel more comfortable and confident with my own answers!

Nesrine Chabaane ‘24

RCMS Workshop Participant

Everything makes sense at this workshop! Kylie is the best for real!

View RCMS Workshop Schedule

Scottie Student

The CDVL tutor I met with helped with taking my professional photos in the maker space (I wanted to include yarn in it). I had a vision and she executed it perfectly!

Scottie Student

My Career Peer gave me great advice on how best to improve my resume. She said it was actually a good resume, which is great because I thought it was so bad! She explained the difference between a resume, master resume, and CV to me, and now I feel very ready to work on all three this summer.

Scottie Student

My Career Peer was awesome! They had looked up information about the position I was applying for upon my arrival and were able to provide me with an idea of what the interview questions might look like. They also provided me with helpful resources, specifically Big Interview under ASC, so that I could continue preparing for my interview on my own. I actually had my interview today, and it went super well, and I credit Caroline as being a lot of the reason why I felt so prepared!

Scottie Student

Despite no prior knowledge of my assignment, my CWS tutor was able to give me helpful insight on what I could change or improve upon to make my essay stronger. She also boosted my confidence in writing, which of course, was encouraging because I wrote my draft with a lot of uncertainty.

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