Resource Center for Math and Science

The Resource Center for Math and Science exists to support your success in your math and science courses at Agnes Scott, and also to help you navigate the path toward a career in a field related to math, science or technology, if that’s what you dream of.

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of what we have to offer. If you have feedback for us, or ideas about how we might further support you, please let us know. Remember… this is all for you!

The Math Resource Center (MRC) and Science Resource Center (SRC) are resources for students taking courses in mathematics (MRC), and biology, chemistry and physics (SRC). Both centers have open hours Sunday through Friday, and learning assistants (LAs are tutors who are advanced students) are available during posted times.

We encourage you to visit the learning centers on your own or with a study group to work on your assignments, discuss challenging concepts, ask questions, work with an LA, or do anything that helps you to succeed.

Our approach is collaborative, and no question is too small. LAs enjoy these subjects and enjoy assisting their fellow students – they will be happy to see you! Some of your courses may also offer separate weekly workshops led by an LA — your professors will provide more detail about these.

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Locations on Campus

Math Resource Center
G-23, Jones Center for Academic Excellence, Campbell Hall

Science Resource Center
G-25, Jones Center for Academic Excellence, Campbell Hall

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