Peer-Assisted Learning in STEM

The Peer-Assisted Learning in STEM (PALS) Program matches students with peer tutors. Together, the student and learning assistants are partners for the semester. We recommend this program for students who want to work regularly and consistently on their STEM education each week, regardless of whether or not they have an upcoming assignment. The learning assistants in each PALS partnership provide tutoring services as well as guidance on the following topics:

  • writing lab reports
  • finding your best study spot
  • note taking strategies
  • exploring academic interest through student organizations
  • finding field-trip opportunities off campus
  • improving test taking
  • navigating office hours
  • course selections
  • planning for REU's (Research Experience for Undergraduates)

Who should apply?

First-Year STEM students

Receive holistic guidance on how to thrive in STEM at Agnes Scott from a peer tutor.

Conditions of the Program

The student and LA will meet every week for one hour during the semester. The student will be actively involved in developing the partner relationship, along with the LA, working on outlining expectations and goals for every weekly session.

Please note that the PALS program requires a semester-long commitment and active participation from the student, i.e., coming ready to all sessions with a plan to accomplish something. Thus, it is the student's responsibility to contact the LA 24 hours in advance if a session must be missed. If the student misses 3 or more sessions, their participation in the program will be reevaluated.


We do our best to match every first-year student who wants to participate, but slots are limited. Some students might not get matched in the PALS program, but drop-in tutoring hours in the RCMS are unlimited and available Sunday-Friday. View our drop-in hours, workshop schedule, and events for information.  

Eligibility & Application

First-year students enrolled in astronomy, biology, chemistry, math or physics courses are eligible to apply. An invitation to apply will be emailed to qualifying students after classes begin.

Every applicant will be notified of the application result within two weeks of the application deadline. 

Applications Due September 9, 2024 for Fall 2024!

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