Academic Resources & Support Services

These support services are designed to help you.

Center for Digital and Visual Literacy

The Center for Digital and Visual Literacy is a resource center for the entire Agnes Scott community providing training, tools, and programming for audio, video, and technical academic and personal projects. Student tutors are available for both undergraduate and graduate students to assist with the creation and curation of a digital portfolio, web design skills, virtual learning labs on topics such as video editing, podcasting, digital media creation, and visual media programs.

Center for Writing and Speaking

The Center for Writing and Speaking (CWS) is a free peer tutoring program that provides all current students with individualized support for their writing, speaking, and multimodal projects. Highly trained and supervised by faculty, the CWS tutors work with students on assignments from all courses and disciplines and at any stage of development in a positive, collaborative environment. The Center for Writing and Speaking emphasizes students' ownership of their work while encouraging their growth as writers and speakers. In addition to traditional appointments, the CWS also offers skills-based workshops, campus-wide events, walk-in hours, and the Partners Program, a semester-long program in which a tutee meets weekly with the same tutor at the same time. 

Center for Teaching, Learning and Professional Development

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers programming, services and resources that promote dialogue and disseminate information about teaching and learning.

Economics Learning Center

At the Economics Learning Center, students can visit and receive one-on-one help from a professor or learning assistant on economic problem sets. The learning center also provides students access to computer programs such as Excel, Stata and StatTransfer.

McCain Library

As the central academic hub on campus, McCain Library brings together technology specialists and librarians in one facility to provide a range of services, such as access to collections, study space and research help, to support the academic mission of the college.

Resource Center for Math and Science

The Resource Center for Math and Science exists to help support your success in your math and science courses at Agnes Scott. Staffed by learning assistants, the center assists students with mathematical problems and biology, chemistry and physics coursework.

Science Center for Women

Throughout the college’s history, Agnes Scott has emphasized the importance of STEM in the liberal arts tradition. The Science Center for Women coordinates programs that support students in the sciences.

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