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Business Management

Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

Business Management prepares you to think analytically and creatively about organizational problems and solutions in corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial work.

Through courses in management and other areas, students learn how to think critically and communicate effectively about the economic, social, and cultural challenges they will encounter during their college years and throughout their careers and lives.

The Business Management major focuses on organizing and managing as general phenomena that people experience in a wide variety of social and institutional settings. It emphasizes the study of how individuals and organizations behave, which is at the heart of the liberal arts. The knowledge and skills learned through Business Management courses prepares students to contribute effectively to a variety of organizations, including non-profit, government, and entrepreneurial ventures as well as traditional corporations, and more importantly for leadership in these organizations.

A business management major student working on a project.

What You'll Learn

Business management courses explore how businesses, the government, and non-profit groups are organized and why. Students also take courses in economics as part of this major to develop a thorough foundation. You'll learn:

  • How to think analytically and creatively about organizational problems and solutions
  • How to identify and critique assumptions about human organizing
  • How to understand and interact effectively with other people

Program Highlights

Bridge to Business

The Bridge to Business program partners Agnes Scott College and Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business in a collaborative effort to develop the business interests of Scottie students. The program immerses participants in an intensive three-week educational experience designed to bring post-graduation opportunities into focus.

The Economics Learning Center

The Economics Learning Center is located in Campbell G-21, the same building as the departmental faculty offices and in the same area as the other learning centers. It offers a welcoming learning environment for students who need assistance in economics classes. Come by the ELC to: get help from a professor or a learning assistant on a problem set for an economics class, study with classmates, prepare for an upcoming exam in an economics class or use the computers, which have Excel, Stata, and StatTransfer for working on a economics problem set or research project.

Internships and Research Opportunities

The department strongly encourages majors to complete at least one internship while at Agnes Scott. Internships are an important way for students to gain insight into future careers, begin to establish a network of professional contacts, and learn how businesses or nonprofit organizations operate.

Meet the Faculty

Amy Breidenthal

Amy P. Breidenthal

Gail Savage Glover '66 and Marion B. Glover Assistant Professor of Business Management

Rosemary Cunningham

Rosemary T. Cunningham

Hal and Julia T. Smith Chair of Free Enterprise

Li Qi

Li Qi

Professor of Economics

Patricia Schneider

Patricia Higino Schneider

Associate Professor of Economics

Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere

Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere

Associate Professor/Chair of Economics & Business Management

Tom Will

Thomas E. Will

Professor of Business Management

Working in Business Management

The business management major and minor prepare students for careers in any aspect of society, ranging from running their own business to working for a corporation or the government to managing a non-profit organization.

Business management courses at Agnes Scott challenge students to consider the ethical consequences of managerial decisions and provide students with hands-on, real world experiences through coursework and internships. Students gain the leadership, analytical, and communication skills that are essential to a successful career in a dynamic, globalized economy.

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Business Analysis
  • Sales Representative
  • Human Resources

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