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Digital Literacy

Build your critical thinking and hands-on technology skills for an interconnected world.

Through SUMMIT, you integrate digital competencies throughout your four years at Agnes Scott. In your first year, the LDR 101 Leadership Prologue course enables you to expand the reflection on your strengths and interests into the digital world. You learn what it takes to be cyber-smart and how to create, curate, and safeguard your digital identity and reputation. 

In your GBL 102 Global Journeys course and your GBL 103 Global Immersion Experience, you connect with the globe not just through in-person travel but also through a range of virtual formats. Perhaps you use digital mapping platforms to trace and analyze the historical and contemporary impact of globalization. Or your Journeys course decides to create a multimedia website telling the story of how a particular global community reacts to climate change. And you continue to tell your own story: through podcast episodes or short films that highlight your global learning achievements.

During your second-year SCALE experience, as well as your upper-class SUMMIT breadth courses in leadership and global learning, you practice how to communicate effectively in various digital formats. You learn how to lead diverse online teams, and how to use specific technology to pursue your learning and research goals across the liberal arts disciplines. 

In your junior and senior years, one-week, one-credit Applied Career Experiences (ACE) will connect your academic major with integrated digital learning. ACEs are designed to expose you to emerging content, technology and professional networks in your selected career area. 

Along the way, faculty, peer tutors from the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy, and career coaches in the Office for Internship & Career Development will assist you in identifying specific digital skills and competencies related to your liberal arts learning and your SUMMIT global and leadership learning. 

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