Learning Assistants

At the Resource Center for Math and Science (RCMS), learning assistants work with students in math and science courses to assist them with assignments, mastering concepts or studying for exams. Our staff of thirty high-achieving students can assist learners whether they are completing the course for a general education requirement of for their major. Learners are also encouraged to form a habit of studying collaboratively at the RCMS or join a weekly workshop.

Learning Assistants FAQ

A Learning Assistant (LA) is a peer tutor who has excelled in their coursework and demonstrated empathetic leadership character.  They know first-hand some of the challenges and experiences you face in the classroom and lab. LA’s receive training throughout the year on different tutoring skills and learning styles, enabling them to be an effective and convenient supplement to in-class instruction. 

In addition, Learning Assistants lead weekly workshops for most introductory courses. The workshops are open to all students and provide additional opportunities to work through practice problems.

Yes! The LA's have been selected based on their academic excellence and leadership qualities. They have demonstrated mastery of the subjects they support. At an intensive annual orientation, LA's refresh their understanding of tutoring techniques, learning styles and equitable teaching strategies. Throughout the year, LA's also attend training on building their professional skills as they prepare to launch their careers after their time at Agnes Scott.
Learning Assistants are dependable, work with various learners and support the student body at the RCMS. 
  • As professionals, LA’s build workplace skills that empower them to meet future social and academic responsibilities in the community.
  • As Scotties, LA’s support the Honor System and uphold learners’ confidentiality to meet FERPA requirements.
  • As tutors, LA’s will support three pillars of peer-tutoring: (1) promote independent learning, (2) challenge misconceptions, and (3) build confidence in learners.

We hire current undergraduate students at Agnes Scott College. The hiring process opens each April, and if you'd like to express your interest in the position in the meantime, feel free to complete the interest form available through Canvas.

Our Team

Amelia Osborne '25
Anjali Kunnatha '25
Annie Cloonan '25
Ansley Franklin '26
Ayechan Moe '26
Blessing Love '26
Carey Felius '25
Claire Dempsey '25
Delano Bielamowicz '25
Edie Irwin '25
Emmylou Christensen '25
Grace Krahm '24
Grace Phillips '25
Hannah Laing '26
Insherah Qazi '26
Irene Chapeau '24
Jazmyne Greene '24
Isabel Masawi '24
Kylie Roach '25
Laila James '25
Linda Ho '25
Maddy Buisch '24
Maria Katsaros  '24
Rowan Christopher '25
Saia Bennett '25
Solveig Svennevig-Brosi '25
Sophie Gregoretti '25
Tallulah Selhorst '25
Yashi Jadhav '26

Questions about peer tutoring or Learning Assistants?

Lora-Beth Allen
Assistant Director of the Resource Center for Math and Science

Email: lallen@agnesscott.edu
Phone: 404.471.7231
Location: Bullock Science Center G-08

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