Financial FAQ

Can I see my statement on line?
  • You may view your statement online through AscAgnes.
  • Go to your AscAgnes account
  • Look under the heading “Financial Information” and click on “My Account Statement
  • Click OK
When is the balance due?
  • Payments are due by August 1st  for fall semester
  • Payments are due by January 1st for spring semester
  • Late fees will be added on August 5th  for fall
  • Late fees will be added on January 5th for spring semester
Can I pay my bill on line?
  • To pay your bill on line you can go to the online payment portal   
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • There is a 2.99% convenience fee for any payments made with any type of credit/debit card
Can I set up a payment plan?
  • To set up a payment plan you can call (800) 722-4867 or you can go on line at
  • Go to the first section titled “Payment Plans”
  • Select the current academic year
  • This payment applies to Agnes Scott College
Why is my work study not included in my pending aid?
  • Work study money is earned by working during the semester
  • You may have your work study money applied to your account only if you have a balance of $1,000 or less
  • You must complete a promissory note in the Office of Accounting
  • Your money will then be applied to your account on a bi-weekly basis as you work during the semester
Has my college prepaid plan been billed?
  • College prepaid plans such as Florida Prepaid and the Alabama PACT programs are not billed until after the 10 day drop/add date.  However students are still responsible for payment of the bill by August 1st and will be reimbursed once payment is received from the prepaid program.