Mercer Linkage Agreement

Agnes Scott’s Post-baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate students can be a year closer to reaching their goal of becoming a physician, avoiding the "glide year," through the linkage program with Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM).* 

Our post-bacc pre-med certificate students who meet specific qualifications (as determined by MUSM) are invited to apply into the MUSM linkage program at the end of their summer semester. Our post-bacc students who are admitted to MUSM can enroll in medical school immediately upon completion of Agnes Scott’s Post-Bacc Pre-Med Certificate program instead of spending the next year applying to medical schools.

Qualification Requirements for the ASC-MUSM linkage program:

  • Be a resident of Georgia for a minimum of one year
  • Be willing to practice primary care in rural or underserved Georgia
  • Enter Agnes Scott’s post-bacc program in the summer session
  • Complete all prerequisite science courses required by Mercer
  • Complete all Agnes Scott post-bacc requirements and courses within the Agnes Scott curriculum
  • Maintain an overall grade point average of 3.5 or greater in our post-bacc program
  • Earn at least a 28 on the MCAT
  • Continue to demonstrate the personal, ethical and professional qualities required of Mercer’s School of Medicine students

*Agnes Scott post-bacc students are not guaranteed admission into this linkage program. Students who meet MUSM's admission requirements are allowed to apply, and candidates are selected by the MUSM admission committee just as in a regular medical school application cycle.

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