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Mi-Sun Kim

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office Location: Bullock Science Center 303E

Academic Degrees

  • BS in Chemistry, Sungkyukwan University, South Korea
  • MS in Chemistry, Sungkyukwan University, South Korea
  • PhD in Chemistry, Emory University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

Dr. Kim is interested in drug discovery and development, and her research areas focus on
the very early stages using various molecular modeling techniques to design and
develop drug candidates.

Professional Activities

Before pursuing a doctorate at Emory University, Dr. Kim worked at the Department of Molecular Modeling in the Drug Discovery Group at LG Life Sciences in Daejeon, Korea, for five years. While doing research at the pharmaceutical company and the university, she engaged in various projects directed at antibiotics, antivirals, cancer therapy, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. This involvement not only gave her international exposure, but also experience in industry and academia. The work had offered opportunities to use state-of-the-art modeling tools with excellent colleagues in Korea (Sungkyukwan University and LG Life Sciences), the U.S. (Emory University and University of Illinois) and the U.K. (Imperial college) in efforts to contribute to drug discovery and development.

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