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B.J.E.D.I. Annual Plan

The 2023 update to the B.J.E.D.I. plan is a continuation and reaffirmation of Agnes Scott College’s commitment to belonging, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (B.J.E.D.I.), which encompasses our responsibility to be an anti-racist campus in addition to being inclusive. The plan is based on the principle that B.J.E.D.I. is not simply an organizational concept but a personal call to action. 

We believe everyone is responsible for creating an environment where all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, educational attainment, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity – feel valued and respected.

The 2023 plan highlights a few important milestones from 2022 and offers some updates on the college’s progress. We then identify some initiatives and plans for 2023. 

Finally, we wish to remind members of our community that staff from the Gay Johnson McDougall Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion are ready to offer resources and training to help each department, organization and individual to realize the college’s B.J.E.D.I. commitments.

We invite everyone to become a B.J.E.D.I. champion!


2022-23 Commitments  

The college has revised the plan to B.J.E.D.I., thus affirming Agnes Scott’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Belonging is defined as the experience of being wholly accepted and included by those around you, without which we cannot claim to be a truly inclusive community. It is through achieving belongingness that all students, staff and faculty will be fully engaged and empowered to innovate.

In 2023, the college will continue the work to realize all five areas which were identified in the 2021 and 2022 plans. To maintain progress in advancing a culture of anti-racism at Agnes Scott, we are integrating the B.J.E.D.I. framework into all curriculum planning and programming through a focus on these three primary goals

  1. Inspiring and Supporting our Students:  Facilitate the inclusion of B.J.E.D.I. values and principles in all college practices, including student and student leaders’ learning;
  2. Developing and Caring for our Employees and Community Partners: Implement the B.J.E.D.I. goals as outlined in the 2021 strategic plan;
  3. Driving Inclusive Excellence through Training, Education and Research: Launch the Professional Inclusive Leadership Program to support our colleagues in their B.J.E.D.I. journeys.


Become a B.J.E.D.I. Champion!

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