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Become a B.J.E.D.I. Champion Now

From J.E.D.I. to B.J.E.D.I.

 The college has revised the plan to B.J.E.D.I., thus affirming Agnes Scott’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Belonging is defined as the experience of being wholly accepted and included by those around you, without which we cannot claim to be a truly inclusive community. Through achieving belongingness, all students, staff, and faculty will be fully engaged and empowered to innovate.

How you can champion B.J.E.D.I.:

  • Sign up for a scheduled training on a range of B.J.E.D.I. topics
  • Request a tailored training
  • Attend a cultural event, educational program, or courageous conversation
  • Provide feedback on the 2023 B.J.E.D.I. plan

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Buttrick Hall behind a ceremony.
The Division of Equity and Inclusion
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