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Admitted Students


You’re invited to become the person of your dreams.

Getting accepted into college is exciting, but we know it can also be anxiety-inducing. Deciding where you want to spend the next four years academically and socially can be a difficult task. It's all about figuring out what college will be your place and your community while also deciding who you want to be in the future.

Now that you're admitted to Agnes Scott College, our job is to help you see yourself as a Scottie. There's no place like home...especially when that home is Agnes Scott.

Congratulations on your admission to Agnes Scott College!

portrait of student holding books

A Community to Thrive

Gor'Nese '25 from Leavenworth, KS

"At first, I wasn't sure I was comfortable with an inclusive women's college or how far away from my home that Agnes Scott was located. When I toured campus, I was able to truly see the community. Everyone seemed so comfortable and they were being exactly who they are. After that, I knew this was the place for me."


Due to the FAFSA delays and the financial aid process being pushed back, the enrollment deposit deadline for new students beginning in Fall 2024 has been extended to May 15.


So what's next?

How do you go from applying to colleges to making decisions about where to enroll? What are your next steps? We've got your back!

Let's break it down into five steps. Five isn't so bad, right? From now until May 15, 2024, your plan for making your decision to become a Scottie is:

  1. Visit Agnes Scott (for the first time or again)
  2. Make Your Financial Plan (including submitting the FAFSA)
  3. Meet Your Future Community (that's other admitted Scotties and the current Agnes Scott community)
  4. Get All Your Questions Answered
  5. Officially Enroll to Be A Scottie
Photo of campus in fall

The Main Quad & Buttrick Hall in fall.

Students holding up black ring

Students receive their black onyx rings during their Sophomore Ring Ceremony each year.

Students in a classroom

Students in a chemistry classroom. Agnes Scott's student to faculty ratio is 11:1.

Group photo of students in Peru

All first-year students take a Global Journey during spring of their first year, like this one to Peru.

Students sitting in a residence hall

Agnes Scott centers the residential experience; you'll get to know your classmates in the residence halls.

Flowers on campus beside Agnes Scott sign

Flowers line the path to campus next to Presser Hall.

Athletes in huddle

Agnes Scott has six Division III competitive sports: basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, tennis & volleyball.

Students during a dance performance

Students are able to show of their talents and enjoy entertainment and fun at annual events like Agnespalooza.

Student is capped during senior investiture

A senior student receives their cap and gown during senior investiture, beginning their senior year.

Your Next Steps on Your Scottie Journey

1. Visit Agnes Scott (for the first time or again)

If you haven’t already, or even if you have, make sure that you visit our campus! We have numerous options for whatever would help you get your questions answered best, including virtual opportunities for those for whom traveling to Atlanta won’t work right now. We also have three different Admitted Scottie Day opportunities as special events just for admitted students.



2. Make Your Financial Plan (including submitting a FAFSA)

100 percent of Scotties receive some form of need-based financial aid. For 2024, U.S. News & World Report named us a top performer among national liberal arts colleges for Social Mobility, which means we are committed to making sure you get from point A to point B, no matter your financial situation. Learn about your eligibility for aid at Agnes Scott.

In addition, complete your FAFSA (once it opens in December!) to be considered for federal student aid using Agnes Scott's school code 001542. We recommend submitting the FAFSA as soon as you can after it opens; however, our priority deadline for filing is February 1.


UPDATE: Because of delays with the FAFSA, we understand that students will not have the same amount of time to review their financial aid offers. You can read more about the delays here. In order to give students more time to start considering the total financial cost and make plans prior to enrollment, we have launched a Financial Aid Estimator. Responses will come out within about ten days.

Fill Out Financial Aid Estimator


3. Meet Your Future Community (that's other admitted Scotties and the current Agnes Scott community)

Part of seeing campus is connecting with our community, and you’ll be able to do that virtually as well. Starting in early January (or a few weeks after you receive your admission decisions), you’ll receive your special invitation via email to join the Class of 2028 Discord channel, where you can chat with other current and future Scotties and get to know your future roommates, classmates and friends. Make sure to check your email to find it!

Also, coming soonEach year Agnes Scott Admission hosts numerous virtual opportunities to meet with your future classmates and faculty in addition to the Admitted Scottie Day events. Keep an eye on the visit page for those opportunities.



4. Get All Your Questions Answered

When you think about your college experience, we know that questions are constantly popping up for you. We want to make sure you know everything you need to know about life as a Scottie. Do you need information on: Academic programs? Internships and Careers? Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice? Our Campus Location? How We Rank? Residence Life? Dining? Student Organizations? Health and Counseling? General student experience? We want to make sure that we get you those answers!

While you can find a lot on our website and in other resources, if you have specific questions you need answered, we want to know. Sign up for a chat with your admission counselor to talk through any and all questions you may have!



5. Enroll to be a Scottie

If you’ve seen everything you need to see and know everything you need to know - all that remains is to make your enrollment deposit and save your spot in the Class of 2028 today! You'll be all set to join your classmates when the semester begins and one step further along on your journey to becoming an effective change agent in a global society.




portrait of a student with backpack on shoulder

An Experience that has Broadened My Horizons

Mya '22, Psychology major

"The resources available to me at Agnes Scott, on and off campus, have led to, among other things, a position on Honor Court as the Class of 2022 representative and an internship that corresponds with my major. These accomplishments have broadened my horizons, provided me greater self-confidence, and renewed my trust in my ability to lead."

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