Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Are you covered?The website to complete the hard waiver is now closed!


With the exception of international, transfer, Post-Bacs and students returning from leave, all students
should have completed the hard waiver for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by the June 28,
2019 deadline.


Students that did not complete the hard waiver, or were notified that the application to waive was
declined, will automatically be charged the premium for the annual Aetna Insurance plan. The cost for
the plan is divided into fall and spring payments. These charges will be applied to student accounts and
cannot be reversed.


The SHIP provided through Aetna is an annual contract. Once enrolled, students are contractually
obligated to pay for the insurance plan for the entire plan year (8/15/2019 – 8/14/2020) regardless of
the student status.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 404-471-