Printing, Scanning, and Copying

McCain Library offers access to computers, scanners, photocopiers and more to enable students, staff and faculty to manage and utilize their research more effectively. 

To use the printers/copy machine, tap your ASC ID Card at the front left of a Canon printer. It will log you in and show any pending print jobs (and you may revise options before printing). Remember to select "Log Out" twice when finished.


All students are allotted $30 per year for printing. To add money to your account in $5 increments, please visit McCain Library's Circulation Desk (takes debit/credit cards or cash) or the ITS Help Desk (cash only).

Printing costs 6 cents for a single-sided or double-sided black and white page or 12 cents for a single-sided or double-sided color page. Most computers default to double-sided. To print a single-sided sheet go into the Properties section of the print settings to either uncheck "print on both sides" or switch to single-sided printing. 

To print go to File > Print and select "Scottie Printing on Firestar." To release your print job, visit any of the following print stations:

For color printing change the print setting to color.


In addition to the flatbed scanner available on the First Floor of McCain Library, each of the print stations noted above includes the ability to scan and email. Several additional scanners are available in the Technology Production Studio (TPS), located on the Ground Floor of the building. Exit the library portion of the building and turn right down the hallway. The Technology Production Studio will be on your left. 


Photocopying is available from each of the three print stations noted above. Each copy costs 10 cents per side.  A single-sided copy will cost 10 cents and a double-sided copy will cost 20 cents. 


There is one fax machine available for public use inside McCain Library.

To send a fax, use the print station on Floor 1 (behind the elevators) that is closest to the terrace. When sending a fax, always add 9 before the start of the phone number and add 1 plus the area code for numbers outside the local calling area. Visit the Circulation Desk if you need help!

Wireless Printing

To print to an on-campus Canon machine from a personal computer or device, open a new email and attach needed file(s) to the email (the preferred file format is .pdf). Next, enter the following email address (no subject line is needed). The print jobs are available for printing in the same fashion used to print items sent to "Scottie Printing on Firestar" (see "Printing" directions above).

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