Prize Winners

The Michael J. Brown Prize

The Michael J. Brown Prize was established in 1996 to honor Professor Michael J. Brown upon his retirement after 35 years of distinguished service in the Department of History. The award recognizes a History major who, in the opinion of the Department, has demonstrated outstanding skills in historical research, writing and reading; a depth and breadth of historical knowledge and an eagerness and ability to share this knowledge with others. Past recipients of the Brown Prize include:

2014    Amelia Golcheski, Lu Hao, Larkin Taylor-Parker

2013    Dina Alvarado, Jessie Downs, Jenessa McElfresh, Yuan Yuan

2012   Catherine Varner

2011   Emily (Kate) Schrum

2010   Alice Ferron

2009   Rachel Bunker

          Elizabeth (Betsye) Mullaney

2008   Kerry Baxter

2007   Julia Charles

2006   Andrea Comiskey

          Laura Richardson

2005   Michelle Beer

2004   Elizabeth Lambert

          Shannen Dee Williams

2003   Amie La Porte

2002   Hillary Harshman

2001   Lea Saylor

Bevil T. and Noah S. Amos Prize

Funded by the generosity of Harriet Amos Doss '72, this prize has been presented annually since 2005 to a History major, preferably, but not necessarily, in her junior year, selected by the History faculty on the basis of scholarly merit and promise of further accomplishment.  The prize is used toward the study of history, possibly through summer study abroad or for a domestic research trip.  Candidates are selected on the basis of all indicators of academic achievement including, but not limited to, written work, grade point average in major coursework, research, class participation and leadership, and future goals for the study of history.  Recent recipients include: 

2014    Amy Pipher

2013    Larkin Taylor-Parker

2012       Nadina (Dina) Alvarado

              Lu (Lois) Hao

2011       Yuan (Sunny) Yuan

2010       Caroline Croland

              Kiegan Montgomery

2009       Alice Ferron

2007       Kerry Baxter

2006       Stephanie Lahue

2005       Andrew Comiskey

The Inez Norton Edwards Prize

Thanks to an endowment fund established by the daughters of Inez Norton Edwards, Nancy Edwards '58 and Helen Propst '50, the History Department has been able to award funds to support collaborative research between History faculty and students.  Recent recipients include:

2014    Lindsey Garland, Amy Pipher, Cheryl Wollner

2013    Kerry Ayres-Smith, Amelia Golcheski,  Lois Hao , Ashley Lawrie, Alex Holliday, Larkin Taylor-Parker

2012       Nadina (Dina) Alvarado

              Sara (Sally) Horne

2011       Yuan (Sunny) Yuan 

The Claire West Jones ’90 History Award

The Claire West Jones '90 History Award was established by Dan and Sidney West in 2007 in honor of their daughter. Awarded for the first time in 2012, this cash award is given annually to a History student for research and/or travel abroad or within the U.S. to support work for independent research, senior seminar, or a special summer program that involves historical study. 

2014    Cheryl Wollner

2013    Alex Holliday

2012   Yuan (Sunny) Yuan