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Pre-Medical Accelerated Curriculum

The Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Accelerated graduate certificate program at Agnes Scott College is a selective, cohort-based program designed for the student who has excelled in past academic programs and is preparing to apply to medical, dental or veterinary school.

Our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Accelerated program provides students with a strong foundation in the necessary science classes, as well as guidance through the competitive medical school application and selection process. Here are just a few of the valuable aspect of this program:

  • MCAT Test Prep Included:
    This program includes a complementary, cohort-exclusive MCAT prep course that starts after fall semester and throughout the spring semester, offered by either BluePrint or the Princeton Review.* Students are eligible to select between these programs offered, and can opt for a DAT prep or GRE prep course instead if they are interested in dental or veterinary school.

    *Certain requirements to complete 75% of the test prep course apply to students who opt-in to participating. See the Graduate Catalog for details.
  • Full-time Cohort:
    Our Pre-Medical Accelerated program is a 12-month, full-time cohort program consisting of 36-credit hours over three semesters (June-May). Students begin in the summer semester and attend classes in-person, full-time during the day.
  • Applied Experience:
    Students have the opportunity to participate in a physician-designed signature course series to enhance your competitive profile, including courses in Professional Success in Medicine and Health, along with a clinical practicum. You’ll develop your clinical skills and complete a community service project or volunteer experience in an Atlanta hospital, clinic or nonprofit.
Summer Semester (12 credit hours)
  • BIO-510 Integrative Biology I/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • CHE-510 Introduction to Chemistry w/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • CHE-520 Foundations of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry /Lab (4.00 credit hours)
Fall Semester (14 credit hours)
  • BIO-511: Integrative Biology II/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • CHE-530: Organic Chemistry I/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • PHY-502: Elements of Physics/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • MDS-624: Professional Success in Medicine and Health (2.00 credit hours)
Spring Semester (12 credit hours)
In addition to 12 hours of science course curriculum, students complete a complementary test preparation course for the MCAT, DAT or GRE during the spring semester.
  • CHE-540: Organic Chemistry II/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • PHY-503: Elements of Physics II/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • CHE-632: Medical Biochemistry (4.00 credit hours)

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