Department of Economics and Business Management Faculty

  • Rosemary T. Cunningham

    Rosemary T. Cunningham

    Hal and Julia T. Smith Chair of Free Enterprise

  • Alison Hall

    Glover Assistant Professor in Business Leadership

  • Kerry E. Pannell

    Kerry E. Pannell

    Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College and Professor of Economics

  • Li  Qi

    Li Qi

    Associate Professor of Economics and Chair

  • Patricia Higino Schneider

    Patricia Higino Schneider

    Associate Professor of Economics

  • Thomas E. Will

    Thomas E. Will

    Kathy '68 and Lawrence Ashe Associate Professor of Business Management; Director of Women's Bridge to Business program; Director of MBA Linkage Program

  • Madeline  Zavodny

    Madeline Zavodny

    Professor of Economics