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Do you know a student who wants to be a global citizen? Who wants to lead in their field, in their community and in our world? Who wants to be surrounded by other confident, strong leaders- and those growing to become that? Then you probably are the counselor of a future Scottie!

As a college counselor or admission coach, you play an important role in helping your students find the college that is the best fit for each of them. We are grateful for the collaboration with you as our friends and partners that introduce future Scotties to Agnes Scott.

Counselors often ask us: "What kind of student will find their fit at Agnes Scott?" While our students come from all across the country and around the world, Agnes Scott students have several shared values:

  • They are self-aware and committed to their personal development. The idea that college is a transformative experience is appealing to them.
  • They are smart. They relish stretch assignments and are looking for a place that will be academically challenging but also supportive. They enjoy intellectual stimulation and learning for its own sake, in and out of the classroom.
  • They are confident in their decisions and rely less on peer support. Choosing an inclusive women's college is "outside the box" for many students, and those who choose it are able to see the unique benefits that they will find only at an inclusive women's college.

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Finding her Footing

Jordan Casteel '11, Forbes 30 Under 30, Artist and Professor

"Before Agnes, I would have described myself as being brutally shy. There, I came out of my shell and explored the power of my own voice, which I believe could have only happened in a space where I felt the confidence and encouragement of women."

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As part of our application review, we consider students based on their:
  • Completed Common Application, including the essay
  • High School Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation from a teacher (one required, two accepted)
  • Counselor Recommendation / Secondary School Report
  • (Optional) SAT or ACT scores. Test scores are optional, and students may make the choice about whether or not they would like them to be considered. If they choose to do so, they can self-report test scores by attaching score report to the Common Application.
  • (Optional) Virtual or in-person interview with an admission counselor. These interviews can be helpful if students would like to give context to parts of their application, discuss interests and goals further or learn more about the college and admission process.

Test Option Explained: At Agnes Scott College, we recognize that standardized testing is not always a great way of identifying prepared, good-fit students, and so we have been a test optional college for over ten years. We allow students who feel like their test scores are a good representation of them academically to submit their test scores if they choose, indicating so on the Common Application. Should students not submit test scores, we will rely more heavily on the other pieces of the application, particularly the class selection and GPA, when evaluating the student. We evaluate all applications holistically for both admission and scholarship reception. Students who do not submit test scores are still considered for all our merit scholarships, including our top scholarships. We encourage all students to complete a virtual or in-person interview with our admission counselors.

Our application deadlines for incoming high school students are as follows:
  • Early Decision - November 1 (Binding)
  • Early Action I - November 15
  • Early Action II - January 15
  • Regular Decision - March 15

Note: The majority of our students apply by the January 15 deadline, which is also our merit scholarship priority deadline. Admission rates are similar throughout the deadlines.

We welcome your calls for questions and advocacy; please reach out to the Agnes Scott admission counselor from your area.

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