Assistance Animal Policy

Assistance Animal Policy 

Requesting an Assistance Animal/Emotional Support Animal 

Students requesting approval for an Assistance Animal/Emotional Support Animal should complete the following steps:

1. Review the Assistance Animal Policy above.

2. Submit the New Student Application and indicate you are requesting approval for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Please note students who have already submitted the New Student Application for academic accommodations do not need to submit it again.

3. Complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form and submit documentation from a medical provider treating you for a mental health condition. Students can upload this information with there New Student Application or email it to

Review Process 

The College has an Housing Accommodatios Committee that meets throughout the semester to review all housing-related accommodation requests. Once students have submitted there request to OAE with documentation, we will submit to the Housing Accommodations Committee for review. 

Next Steps if Approved 

If approved for an Assistance Animal you will need to:

1. Set up an appointment with OAE staff to review the Assistance Animal Policy.

2. Fill out the Assistance Animal Agreement Form and submit proof of up-to-date vaccinations and register with Dekalb County Animal Services

3. Meet with Residential Life staff virtually to allow them to see the Assistance Animal and answer any questions

Annual Renewal 

Each year you will need to renew your Assistance Animal by reviewing the Assistance Animal Policy and submitting an updated Assistance Animal Agreement Form. Students will also need to submit updated vaccination records and Dekalb County Registration to

Please feel free to email if you have questions regarding Assistance Animals at Agnes Scott College.