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Accessibility Mentorship Program

The Accessibility Mentorship Program (AMP) connects current Scotties with disabilities to incoming students with disabilities in a mentor/mentee relationship. The current student/ mentor provides support and advice to their mentee based on their own experiences navigating Agnes Scott College as a student with a disability. AMP hosts monthly mentor/mentee social events, student workshops, annual Disability Awareness Month events, and a mentor/mentee orientation in addition to individual meetings between mentor and mentee throughout the month. By creating connections between incoming and current students, AMP personalizes a holistic experience, along with fostering the development of self-awareness, advocacy, and cultivating an engaging and supporting collegiate environment.

Program Benefits

For the mentee, the program provides multiple levels of support and stability during the transition into the collegiate environment by: offering opportunities to improve communication and self-advocacy skills, becoming acquainted with academic and personal resources on campus, cultivating a personal relationship with a peer(s) in AMP, gaining a better understanding of their disability in relation to the collegiate environment and developing a sense of belonging at Agnes Scott College and the community.

For the mentor, the program offers opportunities to share knowledge and personal experiences, develop leadership skills, cultivate personal relationships with a peer(s) in AMP, taking part in professional development opportunities, and attending campus activities and making lasting memories at Agnes Scott College and within the community.

How are matches made?

Mentees and Mentors complete an application, providing personal and academic information. Matches may be made according to disability, major, gender, or other criteria, depending on the mentee and mentor preference. Final pairing decisions are made by the Office of Accessible Education, based on best fit for both the Mentee and Mentor. Students are notified about the matches early in the fall semester or as interest is made by the student.

What types of things do I get to do?

  • Mentor/Mentee Hangouts
  • Monthly Peer Mentor Program Socials
  • Volunteer Experiences
  • Student Workshops
  • Academic Success Semester Workshops
  • Mini-Workshops
  • Cultural Centers Workshops/Tours
  • Campus Events and Activities
  • Disability Awareness Month Programming Events

How do I join?

If you are interested in being a mentee or mentor please contact

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