Transitioning to College

We are excited to welcome you to the Agnes Scott College Office of Accessible Education. Below are a few notable differences between high school and college accommodations. Please know that we are here to assist students with a successful transition to college.

We recommend students register with our office the summer before starting to get a jump start on identifying accommodations and other helpful resources that will contribute to your success.


  • High School: Students are identified by the school districts.
  • College: Students must self-identify by registering with the Office of Accessible Education.


  • High School: Information is shared with parents/guardians.
  • College: Every student's right to privacy and confidentiality is upheld.

Placement and Accommodations

  • High School: Placement and accommodations include parents/guardians.
  • College: Placement and accommodations do not include parents/guardians.

Instructor Awareness

  • High School: Special Education teachers may know the student and be aware of specific difficulties or concerns, including strengths and weaknesses.
  • College: Students will need to initiate discussion and make concerns known to college instructors, advisors, and Office of Accessible Education staff.

Time Management

  • High School: School district structures a student's weekly schedule.
  • College: Each student is responsible for their own time management. Office of Accessible Education staff are here to assist with developing time management strategies for academic success.

Reminders and Deadlines

  • High School: Teachers remind students of exam dates and assignment deadlines.
  • College: Students are expected to know exam dates and assignment deadlines by referring to course syllabi.

Altering Courses and Programs

  • High School: Courses and programs can be fundamentally altered.
  • College: Courses and programs are not fundamentally altered. The College will ensure students have appropriate accommodations and access.
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