Campus Landscape

The combination of treescape and grounds at Agnes Scott give the college its well-known feeling of being “transported” from the surrounding city. The department of Facilities largely manages the college’s landscape with outside contractors who focus on lawn maintenance, tree care, and tree pruning. Agnes Scott’s landscape spans roughly 100 acres. The primary portion of landscape care done in the main campus area where residential halls and academic buildings are located. The south side of campus is mostly untouched and is known as our "woodlands" area. The work done in that area is dead tree and invasive species removal. Facilities and the Center for Sustainability work together to enhance the sustainability of the college’s landscape to fit the goals of the college. Examples include planting native and drought-resistant ground cover plants and trees, removing invasive species using goats and volunteer efforts to avoid using fossil-fueled machinery, and maintaining more than 50% tree canopy across campus. 


Check out our first installment of the Bees + Trees Q&A video series featuring Agnes Scott's Center for Sustainability and The Bee Society. This video series meets the Service Learning Project standard of Tree Campus Higher Education. Agnes Scott has been a Tree Campus since 2012, and this video shows a glimpse of the care and maintenance that goes into preserving our tree canopy and the work going on to create a more sustainable landscape. Stay tuned for more in January, 2021!