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Student Green Fee

The Student Green Fee Fund is an exciting way for students to have an active hand in planning and leading sustainability initiatives on campus. This partnership with the Student Government Association and the Student Senate enables Agnes Scott students to address and fund issues of sustainability at Agnes Scott, with the support of the Center for Sustainability and the Center for Student Involvement. The SGFF finances a variety of a sustainability initiatives on campus including:


  • Student organization sustainability projects;
  • Sustainability equipment upgrades;
  • Small-scale sustainability programs.


Student Organization Sustainability Projects


            Student organizations can apply to the SGFF for funding so they can incorporate sustainability into the operations of their organization. Often, organizations use these funds to incorporate sustainable practices into their programs in fun and creative ways. Past examples include purchasing compostable bowls for the Scottie Stem Siblings Mixer, funding a Yurt demonstration from the House of Harmony theme house, and purchasing upcycled decorations for Nerd Prom.


Sustainability Equipment Upgrades


            Every year, the SGFF committee approves several projects to upgrade sustainability equipment on campus. In previous years, they have approved the installation of hydration stations across campus and the installation of outdoor recycling in select locations. So, thanks to the SGFF, there are now plenty of places to fill up your reusable water bottle on campus! Through this initiative, the committee is able to support sustainability upgrades that normally would be outside of the scope of the college’s operating budget.


Small-Scale Sustainability Programs


            The SGFF committee also funds a select number of sustainability outreach programs that, without the support of the SGFF, would not be supported in the college’s operating budget. These are sustainability programs that directly impact students and their interactions with sustainability. The current program being support by the SGFF is the Purple Bike program, which allows students to check out bikes from McCain Library and enjoy a ride around the surrounding neighborhoods or into Decatur Square.

Examples of uses for the SGFF include:

- Attending conferences focused on sustainability

- Installing water stations around campus

- Obtaining multi-bin recycling stations

- Starting a Take Back the Tap movement on campus to reduce water bottle use

- “Greening” Residence Halls 

- Working toward ethical apparel in the bookstore 

- Providing outdoor recycling options

- Starting a year-round free store