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Agnes Scott College has made a commitment to sustainability on campus, as well as in the surrounding community and in the metro-Atlanta region.  The college is dedicated to changing all of its activities in order to be more sustainable:  from curriculum options to waste reduction, from energy conservation to organic gardening, from watershed stewardship to investment strategies, and from green purchasing to improved health and well-being.  This commitment stems from the college’s strategic plan that set the goal -  “to live honorably” – and made the connection to more sustainable living.

Agnes Scott is making strong strides toward our goal of sustainability, through many efforts both on and off campus. Some of these efforts include instating a green fee for students, revamping an organic, on-campus garden, and participating in nation-wide competitions. 

Everyone on our campus is essential to make these efforts succeed, from faculty and staff, to every student, and each board member. By working together, we can ensure that we are doing our part to reduce our use of the world’s finite resources, and make Agnes Scott a leader in sustainability. 

Take a look at some of the awesome, interesting things that are happening at Agnes Scott in the pages of this section.