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Agnes Scott Garden

The Agnes Scott Garden is an organic demonstration garden where students, faculty, and staff can volunteer. It is located behind and across the street from Bullock Science Center, and close to the Byers Tennis Courts. The garden is maintained by one of our dedicated alumnae and student volunteers, and they take home and give away any produce and herbs harvested. The main garden consists of two 4x4 raised beds, and a 9ft round in-ground bed. 

The purpose of the garden is to demonstrate how to sustainably raise an organic garden, on a small urban scale. The purpose is also to learn about edible plants, and the ecosystem of a small, organic garden. 

The plants grown in the garden change according to the season, and are grown year round. Additionally, the Office of Sustainability manages the greenhouse which allows the organic gardening efforts to continue through the winter months, and to have a place to start seeds. The Office also has a partnership with The Wylde Center, a local community garden association, to allow their community gardens to seed their plants in the early spring in exchange for occasional compost and seedlings. Students can also volunteer in the greenhouse.

tomatoes   icicle-radish    

sunflowerseed   greenhouse