Welcome to the Center for Sustainability!

The mission of the Center for Sustainability is to provide the place for the Agnes Scott community to learn about the challenges of global climate change and to collaborate on innovative solutions for campus sustainability. The Center is staffed by an executive director and two sustainability fellows, as well as interns, work-study students, and student volunteers. The current full-time staff are all Agnes Scott alums! This sustainability team works with students, faculty, and staff on projects including:

  • Climate action and climate resilience planning
  • Energy and water efficiency upgrades
  • Renewable energy installations 
  • Recycling and composting 
  • Environmental Justice 
  • Maintenance of the campus arboretum and sustainable landscaping 
  • Student involvement and activities, including Environmental Residents in each residence hall 
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum initiatives, including offering a minor in environmental sustainability studies 

 When the college began its work in sustainability in 2007, the sustainability steering committee set out to accomplish this purpose:  We accept the challenge of environmental stewardship, commit to equitable education and leadership in sustainability, and seek to balance what the college takes from and returns to the world’s natural resources.landing-page-graphic.jpglanding-page-legend.jpg     Image Credit: Agnes Scott The Magazine: Fall/Winter 2018 Issue  


“This is the day we stop and consider what we can do - individually and collectively - to ensure that access to clean air, clean water, and safe open spaces is ensured for everyone. Earth Day now acknowledges principles that are more global and inclusive than 50 years ago. Most importantly, Earth Day has proven that this one day every year will only be successful if the outcome of the day is action. And our action is only successful if it is centered on environmental justice. On this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, as we work and teach and study remotely, let’s take a collective deep breath and know that we are here for each other and that together - on campus and beyond - we will find the path for environmental action centered on justice.”

Susan Kidd '78, Executive Director of Sustainability




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News & Recognition



Join the Center for Sustainability in celebrating Agnes Scott College as a Second Nature Climate Solutions Acceleration Fund grant recipient! We are proud to be one of ten colleges and universities - and the only school in the south - that was selected for funding. Second Nature works to accelerate climate action in and through higher education and the Acceleration Fund is dedicated to supporting innovative cross-sector climate action activities driven by colleges and universities. With input from the campus community, the Center has been working with the City of Decatur on a joint Climate Resilience Plan for several years and now we can use the grant funding to complete the plan this summer. We can also simultaneously accelerate implementation of several priority projects identified in the plan. Even in the midst of responding to current challenges, Agnes Scott remains committed to continuing the work of accelerating climate action, and we are grateful for each member of the campus community for joining the Center in this work. 


See the full press release, including President Zak's quote here






Join us in celebrating Agnes Scott as a 2020 EPEAT purchaser award winner! We thank the Green Electronics Council for this honor. This award recognizes excellence in sustainability procurement of IT products. The Electronic Product Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a resource for purchasers, manufacturers, resellers, and others wanting to find or promote electronic products with positive environmental attributes.

Agnes Scott's ITS team, with the support of and partnership with the Center for Sustainability, committed early to purchasing 100% post-consumer recycled paper and buying the most sustainability computers and electronic equipment. This award directly recognizes this hard work. The contribution of ITS to Agnes Scott's transition to more sustainability operations is critical. The college is on a path to be resilient, even in the face of major emergencies. Purchasing sustainable IT products is part of being resilient. Thank you to the ITS team! (pictured above)




Waste Diversion


Why is waste diversion important to our goal of carbon neutrality? How do you recycle correctly at Agnes Scott? How do you avoid recycling contamination? Click on this photo to find out!




Environmental & Sustainability Studies

chalkboard-smallerCheck out the ESS page, to take a look at the academic side of sustainability. It has information about the interdisciplinary curriculum, classes, faculty, and internships.




arboretum-smallerThe Arboretum, located everywhere on campus, is a fantastic view of all the trees here at Agnes Scott. Take a virtual tour through scanning the QR codes next to the trees to learn more about each one.

Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan LogoClick here for information about our Climate Action Plan, and what we're doing about energy at Agnes Scott.