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Welcome to the Center for Sustainability!

We welcome everyone on campus, in Decatur and metro-Atlanta to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink with Agnes Scott.
 As part of our mission to live honorably, we accept the challenge of environmental stewardship, commit to education and leadership in sustainability, and seek to balance what the college takes from and returns to the world’s natural resources.

Sustainability is a major focus in today's world, and will continue to be relevant in the future. It includes how we relate to the globe, and what we can do to understand the impact of global changes, and how to be aware of the effects we have on our surroundings. 

Together we can spread sustainability, and the ideal of being green, so that these concepts become customary instead of clichéd. We can work together to make these buzz words a permanent part of the collective vocabulary, and to raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable Earth. By starting at a local level and on a smaller scale, we can help change the world. 

Get involved with sustainability. 

Getting Involved

kiss-i-recycle-smallerWant to be a part of sustainability efforts? Check out our Get Involved page to see how you can make a difference on campus, and learn how we're making strides toward being green. 

Live Sustainably

chicken-smallerCheck out our Sustainable Living section to see what we're doing to live sustainably on and off campus. You can also find tips here for what you can do at home, at work, and at school to be more green.

Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan LogoClick here for information about our Climate Action Plan, and what we're doing about energy at Agnes Scott.

Water Action Plan

wap-smaller Click here for information about our Water Action Plan, and how we're being smart about our water use at Agnes Scott.


arboretum-smallerThe Arboretum, located everywhere on campus, is a fantastic view of all the cool trees here at Agnes Scott. You can take a virtual tour, and the even scan the QR codes next to the trees to learn more                                   about each one.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies

chalkboard-smallerCheck out the ESS page, to take a look at the academic side of sustainability. It has information about classes, the professors, and lots of interesting information.