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Agnes Scott Traditions

Part of being a Scottie is immersing yourself in the customs, traditions and rites of passage that have defined the Agnes Scott experience for generations.

Whether you are participating in your first Black Cat, getting your sophomore ring or ringing the bell to announce your acceptance of your first job offer or admittance to graduate school as a senior, each experience is a step along the way to becoming a lifetime Scottie.

Honor System

The cornerstone of Agnes Scott life is the Honor System, which is founded on the support, the mature judgment and the personal integrity of each student. 

Learn more about the Honor System

Black Cat

Black Cat is one of the oldest Agnes Scott traditions. Black Cat began in 1915 as a prank night between first-year students and sophomores. It now marks the end of orientation and the official recognition of the new class in the campus community.

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When students return from spring break, Programming Board celebrates the spring semester with AgnesPalooza. This tradition is a week full of events that include a festival, a dance party, a movie screening, arts and crafts, live music, comedy show and events off campus. Each year has a different theme and events catered to those themes.

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Sophomore Ring Ceremony

A special rite of passage in every Agnes Scott student’s college life is the Sophomore Ring Ceremony. Family and friends share in the excitement of this highlight of the Sophomore Year Experience as sophomores receive their Agnes Scott class rings.

Learn more about the Sophomore Ring Ceremony

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Senior Investiture

We honor seniors with an investiture ceremony and parade at the start of each year, formally recognizing seniors as campus leaders. 

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Baccalaureate and Commencement is the culmination of your journey at Agnes Scott College.

Learn more about Commencement

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