Furyal Ahmed

Furyal Ahmed '21

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Mathematics

GEMS, RCMS Math Learning Assistant
STEM Scholars Program: Summer 2018

Research Title: Exploring genome organization and gene function in little-studied prokaryotes
Research mentor: Dr. Timothy Finco


Who inspires you?
My dad because he is really self-made. He started out from a very low income family and I’m first generation so he immigrated here from Pakistan. He had to work so hard and do all this stuff. He got jobs when he was like 12 and taught himself how to do all the programming and computer stuff. This was ages, years ago, when computers were just starting to be this whole thing, not as widespread as it is now. Then, he goes to universities in like Hong Kong and different countries and then he comes here. I think it really shows that if you really work hard and you really want something you can do it. So that is what I’ve tried to remember when my classes get really tough.

How did you like research vs. coursework?
I like research so much better. It allows you to be more inquisitive than regular coursework does and I enjoy that.

Was your research team big or small? What was it like?
It was small. It was one other student, and Dr. Finco then me. We made a good dynamic and Dr. Finco let us do a lot of the work on our own, which is kind of scary, but pays off because you do it all yourself so you’ll remember the next time.