The GEMS (Generating Excellence in Math and Science) program is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where students can explore their interests and promote academic perseverance.

Whether you are interested in robotics, coding, biology, physics, or any other STEM field, our program is here to support you. The college experience is full of gems that motivate students to develop their personal, academic, and professional potential. The GEMS program uncovers this potential through the following:

We welcome all students, regardless of background or experience, to join our community and take advantage of the opportunities we offer. Together, we can build a brighter future by inspiring and empowering the next generation of STEM experts led by you!

Program Eligibility

Apply today!

All students are welcome to apply to join the GEMS program aimed at promoting perseverance and success in mathematics and sciences.

To be eligible to receive a GEMS cord to display at commencement, additional requirements must be met.

For inquiries, contact GEMS Staff.

GEMS Application

STEM Living Learning Community


Fall Meet-and-Greet

STEM House Welcome Dinner for First-Year Students

Off-Site STEM Exposure

Atlanta Area Activity

Community Lunch in Evans

Join other GEMS scholars for a monthly lunch

Monthly Newsletter

Important Deadlines & Scholarship Information

Spring Senior Farewell

Recognize Seniors

Hear from our Alums

We asked GEMS alums to describe the program in three words or less. Here's how they responded!

Tecora L. '18


Informative, Interactive, and Fun!

Safiya C. '16

Dual Degree Nursing

Fun, friends, field trips.

Tanya P. '19

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Interactive community resource

Taylor H. '18


Insightful, interactive, and immersive.

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