Welcome to the GEMS (Generating Excellence in Math and Science) Program. On behalf of our staff, we invite you to join the GEMS program if you have a passion and excitement about mathematics and science.

We will engage you in a stimulating and rigorous course of academic and research study to prepare you for graduate and professional training in mathematics, science and technology and lifelong careers in these disciplines.

We encourage and nurture the love of math and science through academic and social support, mentoring, research opportunities, colloquia, conference presentations, and graduate and career counseling.

If you have a penchant for math and science we cherish the opportunity to nurture you.

We want you to come together with other strong and unique women to help each other shine. By creating a flourishing community of future mathematicians and scientists we look forward to working with you and your family as you become an Agnes Scott gem.

If you have fallen in love with math or science or both or desire a related career, contact the GEMS program director at

GEMS Program Staff

  • Shandra Owens
  • Kady Shea
  • Lilia Harvey
  • Ellen Humphreys
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