What is an "REU"?

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Research Experiences for Undergraduates are called “REU”s for short. These are summer programs which offer college students the opportunity to conduct full-time research, under the mentorship of faculty and sometimes graduate students and post docs in larger research teams.  REUs can be found at large research institutions, as well as at liberal  arts colleges  in many STEM fields, such as mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering.  Many REU programs offer seminars and workshops to prepare students for graduate training.

How will COVID-19 impact research opportunities??

COVID-19 could cause summer research programs to offer online programs or cancel in summer 2021. STEM Scholars Program at Agnes Scott College has contingency plans for in-person research if permitted, or full-time remote research if necessitated by public health guidance.  As you find external summer programs, look for clear information about how they will handle different scenarios.

If summer programs are reduced because of the pandemic, what should I do?

One option is to apply to the STEM Scholars Program offered at Agnes Scott.  Another option is to develop & define your research interests by exploring research you can access online (library resources, webinars, lunch & learns, etc.  Another option is to do more course-based research. You can do all of the above!

Where can I get more info about research opportunities?

Explore all of our pages!  SCW will use our webpages to anchor all of our updates about research.  Also, read the Irvine for announcements and join SCW instagram for the latest!

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs)

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