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The Science Center for Women coordinates programs that support students and faculty in the sciences. Throughout our history, Agnes Scott students have taken more advanced science and math courses than women in coed institutions. Our faculty has featured proportionately more women scientists—role models for our ambitious students—and our graduates include extraordinary scientists, physicians and technologists. Today, more than one third of our students come to us intending to major in the sciences. They want to work on environmental issues, study the human genome, cure AIDS, design software and explore space. Agnes Scott women believe they have a leadership role to play in health care, in agriculture, in technology, in the medical ethics issues of this century—and they are eager to get started.

For general questions contact us via email at scw@agnesscott.edu or call 404-471-6875. Our main office is located in Bullock Science Center Rm. 107W.
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  Molly Embree, PhD

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