Registrar Forms


Add Form-Fall 2021 (Smartsheet Form)
Use the online add form to add a class for Fall 2021 if you are not able to add the class using AscAgnes. 

Drop Form-Fall 2021 (Smartsheet Form)
Use the online drop form to drop a class. 
Pass/Fail Request
Request forms are available in the Registrar's office, Buttrick Hall 101B. Fall 2021 deadline: October 25, 2021. Spring 2022 deadline: March 31, 2022.

Course Waiver/Substitution Form "pink form" (Fillable PDF)
Use this form to make a request to waive or to substitute a major, minor or general education requirement or class. The student should complete the form and obtain the signature(s) of the necessary department chair(s)  or designee, then submit the signed form to the Registrar's Office in Buttrick Hall.

Academic Program Declaration Form (Fillable PDF)
Declare your major, minor and SUMMIT specialization or make changes. Undergraduate students must select a major by the end of their sophomore year. Complete the advisor preference form first. Then complete the Academic Program Declaration form and email it to

Audit Form for Current Students (Fillable PDF)
Current students who wish to audit a course should consult with the instructor and their advisor and then submit this form to the registrar's office. We will confirm back to the instructor and advisor after we receive the form.  You may email the form to Audited courses receive no credit, but appear on the transcript with a grade of "AU." You may not take an audited course for credit later and audited courses do not count towards your major, minor, or any other graduation requirements.  Audit forms are due by the last day to add a class each semester. 

Enrollment Verification Form  (Fillable PDF)

Verify current enrollment at Agnes Scott College. Dates of attendance, course enrollment, and full/part time status are included. This form is common for insurance requests. 

Request to Change Anticipated Completion Date (Fillable PDF)
Submit this form to request to change your expected graduation date. Email completed form to

Request a Transcript
Request official transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Fee $5.25 per transcript, additional fees for express and international mail. 

Address Change Form  
To change your home address, phone number or parent/guardian address, email Mr. Stacey Robbins,

Cross Registration
ARCHE's Cross-Registration Program allows students at member institutions to broaden their academic experiences by registering for the courses at other member colleges and universities. It shares the vast resources of the ARCHE member specialties by offering students access to courses not offered at their home institution, and allows them a chance to experience a different campus environment.

If an Agnes Scott College student plans to use a Cross-Registration course to fulfill a requirement for a major or a minor the student should complete the separate Departmental Approval Form and submit it directly to the Office of the Registrar, Room 101B Buttrick Hall.  The Departmental Approval form may be handwritten or typed and will not be shared with the host school.  

Classroom Requests  
Meetings and events are scheduled through EMS, click here. The Registrar's Office must approve all classroom requests, including the 3 classrooms in Campbell: G-15, 215, and 228 (Campbell 128 and lobbies are reserved through EMS); all classrooms in Bullock including Teasley; all classrooms in Buttrick except G-4 the Film Room. Requests should be submitted 15 business days before the event.   

Data Exclusion Request  (PDF)
If you wish to exclude any information listed on OPD (the online college directory), complete this form. Dormitory and home information, cell phone number and/or your photograph can be omitted.

Graduation Application
  • Undergraduate B.A. or B.S.-The graduation application for senior undergraduate students will be on AscAgnes generally beginning in November. The Registrar will send an email to seniors when it is available. To access it, login to AscAgnes for Students and find the link under "Required Documents."  A new tab will open in your browser - click Graduation Overview, then Apply. If you have a question regarding graduation, or would like to update your expected graduation date, please come to our office in Buttrick Hall, room 101B.
  • Graduate M.A or M.S.-click here
  • Graduate Certificate Intent to Complete-click here
Name Change Request (Fillable PDF)
Students who wish to change their legal or preferred/chosen first name must complete this form.  Please print this form, sign it, and submit it to the Registrar's office for processing.
Students that need a replacement diploma must complete and sign this form. Please include a check for $35 made payable to Agnes Scott College. Diplomas take a minimum of 90 days for processing and receipt.


Change in Course Request   
Please visit the Faculty Services website and look under Forms for Faculty for the Curricular Change form.

Classroom Request  (PDF 21 KB)
Request a classroom in Buttrick (except G-4, the Film Room),  Campbell (G-15, 215, 228), Dana, Presser and the Bullock Science Center.  

Change of Grade Form 
May  ONLY be obtained from the registrar’s office 


Approved Course Meeting Times (PDF 11 KB)
Adjusted Course Meeting Times for fall 2020, spring 2021, fall 2021 (PDF)


Non-Agnes Scott College students attending another institution complete this form to take classes at ASC. Tuition for 2021-2022: Transient students pay $1,830 per credit hour. A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $7,320. Not available for Graduate level classes. 
Alumnae and members of the local community may audit courses at Agnes Scott College. No grades or credit will be awarded for audited courses. 2021-2022: Auditors pay $150 per credit hour. A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $600 (although you do not receive any credits). Not available for Graduate level classes.