Journeys to Leadership

Listen to President Leocadia I. Zak's popular podcast in which she speaks with women leaders worldwide about their journeys to where they are now. 

Welcome to Journeys to Leadership!

Let Your Values Guide You - Rickey Bevington's Journey

Push Forward & Be Persistent - Dr. Eloisa Klementich's Journey

Collaboration, Communication and Contribution - Rachel May's Journey

Lead How You Want to be Led - Katie Saez's Journey

Engage With Your Community - Lynae Vanee's Journey

Look for the Lesson - Heidi Rew's Journey

Don't Let Failure Go to Your Heart

Do What Brings You Joy - Saycon Sengbloh's Journey

The Birth of Something Wonderful - Layli Miller-Morro's Journey

The First But Not the Only - Chanel Frazier's Journey

You'll Never Know, If you Never Try - Andrea Abrams' Journey

Faith, Education, and Hardwork - Venessa Harrison's Journey

Just Do It, Just Start - Jill Savitt's Journey

People Want to See You Shine - Amira Daugherty's Journey

Take a Risk and Pave the Way - Yehimi Cambrón's Journey

Not a Destination - Dean Karen Goff's Journey

Challenging the Standard - Rose Scott's Journey

Power Through Music - Kyshona Armstrong's Journey

The Support of a Community - Mayor Patti Garrett's Journey

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Production Credits

Sydni Perry
President Zak's "Journeys to Leadership" podcast is produced by Agnes Scott alumna Sydni Perry '21.
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