Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

2015-2016 tuition for the Post-Bacc Pre-Med program is $679 per credit hour.  Most students take 35 credit hours during the one-year program. 

Is financial aid available?

Yes, federal and private loans may be available. You should complete a FAFSA as soon as you apply to the program if you are interested in applying for financial aid.

Are scholarships available?

No, Agnes Scott does not have scholarships available for post-bacc students.

What are the academic requirements for admission?

The program requires a GPA of 3.5 or higher and GRE scores in the 50th percentile or higher. See the full list of admission requirements for more information.

What are the required application materials?

The required materials are listed on the post-bacc pre-med admission application.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for both summer and fall enrollment is April 15. We offer rolling admission so students are encouraged to apply early. Complete application packets are forwarded to the committee on a regular basis and applicants are usually notified within four weeks of receiving a complete application.

Is there an advantage to applying early?

We do have a rolling admissions process and the current cap on admissions to the PBPM program is 24.  The advantage to applying early and planning ahead is that you will have plenty of time to file your financial aid application, get your finances in order, find housing and prepare yourself for a rigorous year of coursework.

Does Agnes Scott have a linkage agreement with a medical school?

Yes, we have a linkage agreement with the Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, Ga. To be eligible for admission to Mercer under the linkage agreement, you must be a Georgia resident and be committed to serving rural and underserved populations in Georgia. You must also take all pre-med requirements at Agnes Scott.

What is the success rate of your graduates?

Of those who complete the program and apply to medical school, 75% are accepted on the first or second attempt. Our most recent program alums have been accepted to Emory, Mercer, Medical College of Georgia, Morehouse, Louisville, Mayo, Northwestern, Tulane and U-VA, among many others.

What if my GPA is lower than 3.5?

Our committee does use a holistic review process:  If your GPA is below 3.5 and you have very high GRE scores and exceptional references, the committee will consider these factors in its decision. The committee will not accept a student who does not have the credentials, aptitude or motivation for medical school acceptance.

I took several science courses in undergraduate school. Can I still apply to your program?

You must not have taken more than four program courses. For example, if you have Chemistry I and II and Biology I and II on your transcript, you are still eligible for admission. But if you have taken any additional courses that are included in our course sequence, you are not a candidate for the program.

Why can’t I retake science courses in which I want to improve my grades?

If you are seeking to improve your MCAT scores or retake courses, there are programs designed for you. At the American Association of Medical Colleges, you can search for "academic enhancement" post-baccalaureate pre-medical programs. At Agnes Scott, you would not be allowed to repeat a course to try to improve your record, and "academic enhancement" programs allow you to repeat.

What is the class schedule?

You will be in class all day. Typically, you will have morning classes Monday-Friday with labs two or three days per week from 2 to 5 p.m.  There are no evening, online or Saturday class options.  We do not recommend that our students hold a job in addition to attending class.

What classes are included in the program?

How will Agnes Scott prepare me for the MCAT?

We offer an MCAT prep class during the spring semester administered by a national test prep company. We also have an extensive library of MCAT prep materials that are available to you.

Why is this program better than taking classes at a local college?

PBPM programs are very rigorous; completing a PBPM program successfully proves that you are capable of performing well under the intense pressure of medical school. In fact, many medical schools welcome PBPM students because they are more mature and have made a significant decision to change careers based on life experience. In addition to your increased likelihood of gaining admission to medical school, our PBPM program provides a close-knit cohort of students who study together, share notes and ideas, and prepare for the MCAT together. Plus, you have almost unlimited access to a very involved adviser to help you through the process!