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Summer 2019 Projects:

Abigail Beuker '20 attended the University of California San Diego Summer Program for Women in Philosophy. The program is highly selective, as only 14 students are chosen each year. She wrote: "In San Diego, I'm in a group of 14 women who are all planning to study Philosophy at the graduate level. I have been attending seminar classes in moral psychology, philosophy of emotion, and philosophy of mind, as well as workshops about preparing for grad school." 

Philosophy & Public Health double major Claire Moore '21 studied at the Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics through the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. The highly selective program only reserves a few spots for undergraduate students. During this seven-week program, Claire attended interdisciplinary seminars, wrote a research paper, and gave a poster presentation on testimonial injustice in clinical pain management at Yale Medical School.

Kira Barrett '21 worked at The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA as a website management intern. Kira built and managed web pages for the Center and organized digital press releases, statements, and reports from election observation missions to facilitate easy and equitable access for interested parties.

Connie Tran '21 completed a civic engagement internship at Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ). During their time there, they worked on an issue-based, immigrant rights campaign by researching the interests of relevant communities and stakeholders. They also canvassed in areas prominent with older Asian groups and coordinated community events to strengthen intergenerational solidarity. Lastly, they participated in Organizer Academy's planning committee, in which they developed a skill-sharing curriculum for local community and facilitated some of the sessions.

Joie Otting '21 was a 'We Persist' Captain on the Elizabeth Warren for President Campaign. Joie managed a team of volunteers who knocked on doors and spread word of Warren's bid for the U.S. presidency.

Nicole Eatmon '20 worked at NMS family law, as well as managed social media presences and completed digital admin work for several companies. Additionally, Nicole presented at the American Psychology Association Conference on racial trauma as it relates to navigate the college process. Finally, she also coauthored a section of the Industrial Organizational Psychology encyclopedia.

Ruotong Zhai '20 was a philosophy tutor for Jinan University, which partners with Western Texas A&M University. She was a learning assistant for an Introduction to Philosophy course.

Fall 2019 Projects:

Connie Tran '21 is a campaign strategies intern at American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia (ACLU-GA). They are working on developing the organization's 2020 campaign, which includes researching demographics, developing scorecards for local candidates, and hosting townhalls state-wide to identify local interests and figure out how to best serve such interests. Connie has also gotten some cool experiences out of the internship as well, such as being able to witness ACLU-GA sue Georgia for the abortion ban (HB481) in court!

Kira Barrett '21 is the web developer & manager of the Department of Philosophy web pages. She enjoys the process of translating the Department's vision into engaging copy and design.

Connie Tran '21, Kira Barrett '21, Abby Breuker '20, and Claire Moore '21 serve as Center for Writing and Speaking tutors at the college. The Center for Writing and Speaking (CWS) is a peer tutoring organization devoted to improving and enhancing students’ writing and speaking skills. Staffed by trained peer tutors, the CWS provides students of all ability levels with individual assistance in writing papers and in preparing and practicing speeches and presentations.