Director of Academic Budget and Sponsored Programs

Please use the following forms and documents for all Academic Affairs transactions.


Academic Affairs Blue Mail form
This is for any student who DOES NOT have work-study who will be paid to work in your department/office. Even if you don't have a person in mind for the position yet, we need to go ahead and set up a Blue Mail so the position will be in place. We can add the person's name later (just put TBD). PS--Work Study goes through financial aid.

Travel for faculty and staff

All faculty and staff in Academic Affairs must complete the following form before traveling, regardless of the source of funds supporting the travel.
Travel/Meeting Form

Please see this important memo about detailed receipts for reimbursement.

Accounting forms

Payment Request Form
For ALL payment requests, reimbursements, travel expenses, etc. All payment request forms must have back-up documentation. For reimbursements, the documentation will be receipts that show a dollar amount and confirmation of payment. For payment requests, the documentation is an invoice. For honoraria for speakers or guests, an announcement of their event or talk will suffice. Small receipts (such as for meals) should be taped to the fronts and backs of scrap paper (can be taped over text). You can print the back-up documentation on the back of the payment request form. Please save paper wherever possible.

Funds Transfer Form This must also include back-up documentation, such as a print-out of the amounts from Informer.

List of object codes for use on payment request forms and funds transfer forms.

New Vendor forms

For ALL new vendors (people or companies the college has not paid before), you must complete the New Vendor Form, and have the vendor complete and submit a W-9.

Request a pay memo

Place requests for pay memos using this form. This is used to pay any faculty member, part-time or full-time, for extra work, NOT FOR REIMBURSEMENTS.

To Check out a P-Card (Faculty and Staff Only)

Complete this form, and then contact Emily Stone at to schedule pick-up. When you return the p-card to Emily, please bring all receipts (be sure to bring both credit card and itemized receipts for meals) taped to the front and back of scrap paper. (STUDENTS! Please go to the Center for Student Involvement to check out a p-card.)


Other Accounting Forms: please visit the Accounting website.

To submit a student award (FOR STAFF AND FACULTY USE ONLY)

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