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Campbell Hall

Dorm Tours 2022 - Campbell Hall

Our spaces are designed with you in mind, featuring intuitive workspaces, comfortable seating and an energizing communal atmosphere.


Floor Plan

  • Suites: two double rooms with shared bathroom/common area in between
  • Common areas in suites include two sinks, full mirror, two medicine cabinets, shower room, toilet room, rack storage system, refrigerator hook up for 2.7 cubit-foot mini-fridge or smaller and motion sensor lights 
  • ADA-accessible rooms available
  • Campbell first-floor plan
  • Campbell second-floor plan
  • Campbell third-floor plan
  • The ground floor houses:
    • The Jones Center for Academic Excellence 
    • Lounge
    • Sociology/Anthropology Research Lab/Learning Center
    • Economics Learning Center
    • Math Learning Center
    • Science Learning Center
    • The Center for Writing and Speaking
    • Classrooms and common study space
    • Kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, oven, and sink
  •  First-Floor amphitheater & conference room 
  • Classrooms and faculty offices on first and second floors

Common Areas on Residential Floors (First, Second and Third Floors):

  • Full Kitchen: Stovetop, oven, sink, full-size refrigerator, microwave, TV, couches, common computer and high-definition cable TV services in common TV rooms. You can stream cable services using Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime and more. 
  • Laundry room on third floor contains four washers, four dryers, a TV, tables, and chairs
  • Elevator


  • WoofWoof WiFi service
  • Telephone provided in common area on each floor
  • High-definition cable TV services in common TV rooms
  • Streaming cable services using Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime and others
  • Cell phone signal within the residence hall varies depending on your service provider


  • Air conditioning
  • Standard bed/mattress for each resident
  • Desk per resident
  • Desk chair per resident
  • One dresser per suite/room
  • Two open-air closets
  • Overhead lighting with motion sensors
  • Window and blinds
  • Trash cans and recycling bin
  • Keyless entry with access codes on both suite entrances and individual rooms
  • One shower/tub per suite
  • One toilet per suite
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