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Fall 2018 Events for the Agnes Scott Neuroscience Major


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let's get WIRED

The brain’s cells make hundreds of connections, wiring different regions together. These connections help us form memories, shape our personality, and regulate our normal functions.

So help your brain figure out if the Neuroscience major is right for you.

The Neuroscience Program is hosting let's get WIRED

Thursday, August 30, 2018 from 5:15 - 6:30 PM

in the atrium of the Bullock Science Center.

There will be pizza, drinks, and desserts!! Our current majors will briefly share how the Neuroscience major is helping them with their different career goals including:

Vet, medical doctor, PT, nurse, athletic trainer, physicians assistant, research scientist, and others.

Neuroscience majors:

The declared major who brings the most first year students to this event will receive a $25 amazon gift card.

First year students:

When you arrive at the event, sign in and leave your email address for a chance to be entered into a raffle for a $25 amazon gift card.




There are 2 abstract submissions for potential presentations at research conferences. One is in the fall. One is in the Spring. If you did research this summer or last academic year, talk to your academic advisor and consider submitting to these conferences. The more you present, the more marketable you are after Agnes. To present - you must have the permission of your research mentor! 


Conference Nov 2nd and 3rd in Univ. Of North GA

Abstracts due Sept 21


Conference April 11- 13th at Kennesaw State

Abstracts due TBD


Scotties with Nerves April 5, 2019

Abstracts due in Early January.

More information will be posted on the Scotties with Nerves tab!



Seminar Series 1:00 – 2:00 PM in Teasley

Thursday, September 6th

Dr. Avanti Gokhale from Emory University


Thursday, October 4th

Dr. Jennifer Wong from Emory University


Thursday, November 1st

Dr. Audrey Duarte from Georgia Tech



Monthly Dinners for Majors and Potential Majors

1stThursday of the Month. Need information or an invite to the Google Calendar event? Email:





Support for Agnes Scott Neuroscience Majors

Your success is our goal. We want your education to help you get to your dream career. To that end, there are places for academic help as well as interest groups you can explore! We have also established a brain bank for comparative anatomy studies. In our introductory Neuroscience sequence, you will compare the anatomical structures of human, horse, primate, sheep, pig and rat brain.

There are tutors for each of the introductory courses as well as most of the STEM classes offered at Agnes. The Center for Writing and Speaking (CWS) will review any presentation or written assignment for Neuroscience course work as well. 

We have a Google drive folder for our majors! The folder contains application guides for REUs and post-Agnes school or work, major planning checklist, information on Nu Rho Psi, potential career options for a Neuroscience major, internship and research ideas matched to your career path, D-portfolio guidelines, annual award information, Scotties with Nerves information, and more! If you need access to the drive, email the Neuroscience Program:

Not only is there academic help, there are clubs for interest groups within the Neuroscience major as well - the Psychology and Neuro Club, Sisters in STEM, out in STEM (oSTEM), Nu Rho Psi (the National Honor's Society for Neuroscience), Pre-Vet club, and GEMS




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