Neuroscience Awards



Every year at the Alumnae Social in April, the Neuroscience faculty name 4 awards with prize money: 2 in research and 2 in academics.


Awards for Juniors within the Major:

The Karen Thompson Grasshopper Award in Research Excellence recognizes excellence in research among Neuroscience majors early in their academic career. This award is named after a retired and beloved Agnes Scott Neuroscience professor, Karen Thompson, who studied the nervous system of grasshoppers. She believed that students should have the opportunity to enjoy research early in their academic careers.


Previous Recipients:

Hanna Rudolph, 2017

Dennisha King, 2018



The Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) Award recognizes the Junior in the major with the highest GPA in the Major. 

Previous Recipients:

Gabby Moore, 2017

Susan Cordero Romero, 2018



Awards for the Seniors within the Major:

The Synapse Award in Research Excellence recognizes a Senior within the major who has completed productive research and made important connections between their academic work and their research.

Previous Recipients:

Sarah Fisher, 2017

Crystal burgess, 2018


The Hippocampus Award recognizes the Senior within the Neuroscience major with the highest GPA in the major.

Previous Recipients:

Devin Synan, 2017

Gabby Moore, 2018